Barbeque Factory - Magnificent Feast

Barbeque Factory serves an array of incredible, lip-smacking, subtle and delicious dishes which is fit for kings and nawabs but comes at incredible price of Rs 499/- all inclusive. Our buffet is like no other and we work extra hard to make sure that your visit to our restaurant is memorable and the delicious after-taste will linger with you for a long, long time

Our Concept

Gourmet food @ Barbeque Factory grill and buffet serves gourmet barbeques and grills which provide an extraordinary culinary experience.

Pairing of Kababs

Our spread is varied and enticing, the experience of relishing the flavourful kababs with our specialized breads is delightful and delectable

The Experience

Start off with a palate cleanser and then get ready for an explosion of flavours as you savour enticing range of fresh and piping hot kababs

Our Honey Parathas

Try Something New!

Our Honey Parathas are an amazing accompaniment with our soft, succulent kababs

Lip-smacking Gravies

Our gravies are the most authentic and beautiful North Indian gravies that your taste buds yearn for. They are an explosion of delectable flavours.

Afghani Roll

The recipe of the delicious Afghani Roll is sourced from one of the oldest bakeries in the world. Savour the texture and the layers in this fascinating starter

Dum Biryani

What better way to relish some tantalizing Dum Biryani with subtle and, yet, powerful flavours which makes it the best Biryani in Bangalore

Get Arty!

Not only is the food incredible but so it the atmosphere at Barbeque Factory - you can admire some fine paintings as you relish your meal

The Most Succulent Kababs in Bangalore

Our Talented Chef - Why's he smiling?

Our Chef comes with a colorful past - probably as colorful and delicious as the kababs that he's renowned for. His contribution to Barbeque Factory is unparalleled.

He makes the juiciest, most succulent and most flavourful Kababs in Bangalore. He takes the freshest of ingredients and showers it with his love and magic. And, that's why our kababs taste so awesome. And, our Chicken Butter Masala is as authentic as it is delicious.

He's smiling because he was showered by praises when this photo was taken. Oh, by the way that's routine for him!

What Our Guests Say

We make sure our guests are super-satisfied. We want them to have a memorable and royal meal at Barbeque Factory.

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