Barbeque Factory - Simple, Yet Profound

Our philosophy is simple - give an amazing culinary experience to our guests with a spread which is subtle but leaves a powerful. lingering memory of great food and great ambience.

Barbeque Factory is about providing exceptional service and quality. Everything is fresh and prepared from scratch. Every item is paired to perfection. Every dish has a purpose.

We serve fresh watermelon and Tandoori Pineapple as palate cleansers. Our unique Honey Paratha is a delightful pairing with the kababs. Our Chicken Butter Masala is as authentic as it gets to be enjoyed with our soft fluffy Naans.

Barbeque Factory's staff is fanatical about customer delight. Nothing short of excellent is good for them when it comes to customers. Each member is carefully trained on customer service, about how to serve and how to make our guests ecstatic.

This is what we live for!

Our Chef's job is to make sure that every one of our guests leave with a contented smile on their face.

So, it is her job to make sure that every ingredient is the freshest, the purest. Every dish is served piping hot. Every kabab is succulent and well cooked. Every gravy brings out oodles of flavour.

Her smile is beguiling. She's a task master. Nothing less than perfect is good for her. And her staff knows it.

No wonder, our guests get to experience the best North Indian dishes in Bangalore
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